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Hannah Shetler

Hannah Shetler

Founder of waking the goddess retreats, healer, doula, princess vagina and poet .

Founder, Healer, Doula, Princess Vagina and Poet

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Hannah is the founder of Waking The Goddess, and was guided by a vision of holding a safe space for women to come heal and rise together. To a place in nature, in the mountains with sacred flowing water, a place to reconnect to the land, themselves and their wombs. To guide women to trust they are truly magnificent creatures, and hold the key to that power and our own healing within our yoniverse, our womb.

By a series of synchronised events and years of travel, learning and healing herself and others, she was then called to Andalusia, a place where women, midwifes, witches and healers before us have travelled and created much magic. Called to these mountains by the divine feminine, Hannah created a retreat, a formula of ancient feminine healing traditions, such as belly dance, yoni steaming, yoni yoga and yoni eggs . Focusing on clearing trauma from this sacred space, and reconnecting us to our place of power, reigniting the fire we have let burn out. Gaining an understanding of our cycles our seasons and how to work magic with the moon.

Hannah also spent a year studying at Da-a-Luz Oasis, Europe’s post modern midwifery school, learning an authentic and autonomous way become a birth keeper and support women through their pregnancy and birth. She truly believes if we can heal the way these beings are bought into the world and acknowledge the importance of supporting women through this journey we can have a huge impact on healing our mother earth.

She expresses herself and her mission through her poetry and spoken word, channeling the divine feminine and the words from her womb.

Princess vagina was born during her journey at the school and is archetype gifted by the divine feminine, a birth keeper to assist in the birth of our new earth. To teach young girls, about their cycles, their bodies, sacred sex and conscious conception. She is here for anyone disconnected from their vulva and their yoni. She’s here to guide you into rediscovering the magic and sacredness of your yoni, your scared blood, your sexual energy and your souls authentic expression. To remind you this sacred space holds, encapsulates and transforms your power in all realms. Through harnessing the power of our yoni, and healing all the wombs in all the lands, there will be a womb revolution, and together we will rise and rebalance the energies of our Mother Earth.

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